The big news is our newest CD release, "Artistry," was nominated for a Grammy award 2014. Category: Arranging; selection: "Invitation"
The Kim Richmond Concert Jazz Orchestra: "Artistry" - a Tribute to Stan Kenton

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Just want you to know I have recently finished composing music for a new original Musical Theater work. It's called

"Tokyo Rose-The Musical."

We are shopping it now. The website is up. If you have any interest in hearing some of it, please go to:

There are 7 songs (of the 23 in the show) and a sampler medley that you can listen to as videos. You can read a Synopsis and all about the show and creators.


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Current Schedule --
  • Tuesday, January 5 -reading of 5 winners of ASMAC Big Band Writing Competition, by Kim Richmond Concert Jazz Orchestra, Musicians Union, rehearsal room 6, 817 N. Vine, Hollywood: all are welcome.
  • Wednesday, January 6 -ASMAC "First Wednesday" -"John Barry Music for James Bond Films," by Chuck Fernandez; L.A. Valley Recital Hall, 7:30 - 10 PM
  • Friday, January 15, 2016 -with Clay Jenkins/Kim Richmond Ensemble, Pete Carlson's Golf & Tennis jazz venue "Jazz For Jazz Lovers," Palm Desert, 8 PM
  • Sunday, January 17 -with Dick Parent Orchestra, stage shouw, Cerritos Performing Arts Center, 3 PM
  • Tuesday, January 19 - with Dick Parent Orchestra, stage shouw, McCallum Theater, Palm Springs, 8 PM
  • Wednesday, January 20 -ASMAC luncheon, featuring Scott Whitfield & Ginger Burglund, Catlalinas Bar & Grill, Hollywood, 11:30 - 2 PM
  • Monday, January 25 -with Phil Norman Tentet, recording Sunset Sound, 1 - 5 PM.
  • Saturday, January 30 -ASMAC Masterclass, with Pete Myers; L.A. Valley College, 11 AM - 3 PM
  • Monday, Febraary 1 -with Pete Myers Big Band, Typhoon, Santa Monica Airport, 8 PM

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I have a new blog where I give some current views on jazz and music in general. Here's the link.


KIM RICHMOND is an active and versatile musician based in the Los Angeles area. His first love is jazz, and his primary jazz voice is the alto saxophone. He has, however, been involved in nearly every facet of the professional music industry, both as a player and as a composer/arranger. His instruments are alto, soprano, tenor and baritone saxes, clarinet, bass clarinet, and flutes. Kim has been a member of the orchestras of Stan Kenton, Louis Bellson, Bob Florence, Bill Holman, and Vinny Golia among others. His own Kim Richmond Concert Jazz Orchestra is a workshop for his writing, conducting and leading. His Ensemble (sextet) is a platform for more free-form expression and improvsation with the members playing and Kim's writing being the key factors.

Kim is also a consummate educator. He was for 12 years an adjunct professor in the Jazz Studies department of University of Southern California (teaching combos, composition and saxophone), and does numerous jazz camps and clinics in the Spring and Summer of each year. He is on staff at many of the Jim Widner Summer Jazz Camps, and is involved in running the Northwoods Jazz Camp for grown-ups. He most recently was an instructor in the Jazz Department of California Institute of the Arts, and at present is teaching at California State University, Fullerton.

Whatever his mode of expression, be it instrumental performance, composition, arranging and conducting, KIM RICHMOND is striving to express a uniquely original voice, combining his extensive experience with the new sounds of our evolving musical world.

Kim is a Selmer artist and endorses all Selmer saxophones and other woodwinds. He is also a Vandoren artist, and he plays Vandoren reeds and mouthpieces. In spite of his busy schedule in the professional music world, KIM RICHMOND enjoys keeping in touch with the educational music field by serving as guest lecturer, conductor and guest soloist at college music festivals and workshops around the country. If you are interested in contacting Kim for any of these reasons, please send e-mail him at

The sad news is the recent death of my jazz mentor, jazz alto saxophonist Charlie Mariano,
who passed away in Cologne, Germany on June 16, 2009.



Since many fans purchase CD selections and albums from iTunes and like download programs, they are not provided with the CD liner notes, personnel list, credits and inside graphics. Therefore I have decided to make these available. If you would like to access these, go to my CDs page.


Artistry cover

This is the third recording from the Kim Richmond Concert Jazz Orchestra. Titled "Artistry," it is a Tribute to jazz innovator Stan Kenton. This CD was nominated for a GRAMMY (in the Arranging category) in 2014. The recording features 3 Kenton titles, several originals and several standards. Special guest was flutist Hubert Laws. The release date, by Summit Records on their MAMA label, was May 14, 2013. You can order from this location through PayPal.

To check out the details and to hear some of the music, and how to order the CD, clickhere.



Live cover

This is the first live performance recording of the 6-piece Kim Richmond Ensemble. It represents a sampling of the group’s improvisational work with a mixture of originals and standards. On trumpet is improvisational virtuoso (and excellent composer/arranger) John Daversa. The inventive Joey Sellers returns to the group on trombone. Multi-talented Kristin Korb (you should hear her sing!) is on bass, and powerhouse Erik Klass on drums. The piano chores are shared by long-time pianist with the group Rich Eames and the young and up-coming jazz talent Brian Friedland.


This is the third recording of the KIM RICHMOND/CLAY JENKINS ENSEMBLE, titled "CrossWeave."
It was recorded in New York with Rich Perry (tenor), Harold Danko (piano), Jeff Campbell (bass), and Rich Thompson (drs).

This CD is the second by the KIM RICHMOND Concert Jazz Orchestra. The album is titled "Refractions."

The big news is that this album has rendered a Grammy nomination. Kim has been nominated for Composition for a Large Ensemble for the second selection, "Precious Promises," which he considers the centerpiece of the recording.

This is the CD for the FREE (almost: $1) DOWNLOAD. Click the link below to go to CDs page.
To check out the details and to hear some of the music, and how to order the CD, click here.


This first SOLO recording (as opposed to Ensemble) by KIM RICHMOND, "Ballads" is a jazz collection of 17 tracks (not all slow)--16 standards that are some of Kim's favorites, and 1 original, on the Chase Music Group label. It features Reggie Thomas (brilliant pianist from St. Louis), bassist Trey Henry and drummer Joe La Barbera. Added on some tracks are Clay Jenkins (trumpet), Bill Perkins and Vinny Golia or Bob Carr (baritone saxophones), and Brad Dutz (percussion).
To check out the details and to hear some of the music, and how to order the CD, click here.

The second CD of the KIM RICHMOND/CLAY JENKINS ENSEMBLE, "Look At The Time," on the Chase Music Group label, features Bill Perkins, tenor and bari saxes; Dave Scott, piano; Trey Henry, bass; and Joe LaBarbera, drums
To check out the details and to hear some of the music, and how to order the CD, click here .

The first CD of the KIM RICHMOND/CLAY JENKINS ENSEMBLE, titled "Range", co-led with trumpeter and tour partner Clay Jenkins, was released on Nine Winds during Summer of 1995. The other members of the Ensemble are Joey Sellers, trombone; Dave Scott, piano; Trey Henry, bass; Joe LaBarbera, drums
To check out the details and to hear some of the music, and how to order the CD, click here.

Released on Sea Breeze Records in February 1993 was the first CD, titled "Passages", of the Kim Richmond Concert Jazz Orchestra, a 23-piece showcase for Kim's writing and soloing abilities. The Orchestra is characterized by symphonic colors and textures over a free swinging (and sometimes free-form) jazz base

To check out the details and to hear some of the music, and how to order the CD, click here.

The improvisational Kim Richmond Ensemble is showcased on the critically acclaimed Nine Winds Records/USA Music album release "Looking In Looking Out. The other members of the Ensemble are Mike Fahn, valve trombone; John Gross, tenor saxophone/flute; Tad Weed, piano; Ken Filiano, bass; Billy Mintz, drums

To check out the details and to hear some of the music, and how to order the CD, click here.

Although all five CDs are sold in retail stores, you may more immediately acquire these albums by contacting Kim via e-mail at

Kim Richmond has composed new works for the concert stage, including major new Jazz pieces, commissioned by various school music departments. Most of these compositions are in the published series of Walrus Music Publishers, PO Box 1910, Pismo Beach, CA 93448-1910; telephone: (805) 489-2055; fax: (805) 489.2079 and are available to schools and music retail outlets.

Kim Richmond's long-sought and well-known arrangement of
"Love Walked In"

is now available from Sierra Music. It can be ordered on the Sierra website,
by mail at P.O. Box 37, Liberty Lake, WA 99019 or by
telephone: (800) 255-6551, 1 (509) 255-6179 (fax)


Zippidy Altered

       This is based on the Disney tune of a similar name but is a driving up-tempo jazz chart. Featuring some collective improvisational moments in the head, it also has some simultaneous soloing by two players in the solo section. The melodic paraphrase and alterations are surprisingly delightful, and soloists are supported well.
       No woodwind doubles.
       Solos: trumpet, tenor, piano (changes for alto 1, bari, guitar, trombone 3)
Optional parts for French horns (alternate parts for Tpt 5-6 provided), tuba, and percussion (mallets and hand-percussion).

Intermediate - advanced

Motion to Adjourn

       This is a medium swing ensemble chart that starts light and soft with a jaunty theme passed around the sections.  This is contrasted with a “chorale” section, still in time, before returning to the “jaunty-ness.” After the solo section the ensemble passages are quirky and interestingly engaging, drawing on all the previous thematic material.
       No woodwind doubles.
       Solos: changes for guitar, tenor, trumpet 4, trombone 2
       Trumpet high note D
Optional parts for French horns (alternate parts for Tpt 5-6 provided), tuba, and percussion (mallets and hand-percussion).

Intermediate - advanced


       This composition is a trumpet feature written for jazz stylist Steve Huffsteter. Its tempo is medium-slow swing with soloist playing the tuneful melody. Solo section is double-time swing with plenty of room to improvise. Ensemble shout chorus follows back in original time feel. Solo cadenza on the end.
No woodwind doubles
Solo trumpet part is in place of Trumpet 4
Optional parts for French horns (alternate parts for Tpt 5-6 provided), tuba, and percussion (mallets and hand-percussion).


All pieces published and copyrighted by Mini-Tiger Music (ASCAP) To find out about recordings, descriptions and prices of these works, contact Kim via e-mail at


Each year Kim Richmond and Clay Jenkins (presently professor of jazz trumpet at Eastman School of Music) travel to a different part of the country on a "jazz tour." Besides performing in jazz clubs and doing concert venues, Kim and Clay work with school jazz programs (universities, colleges and high schools), holding workshop/clinics in jazz improvisation, composition, music business, jazz history and listening skills; and coaching and performing with campus stage bands. Their work has been very effective, and response from those music departments has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic. Please inquire about their upcoming tours.

When applied for by schools, Kim and Clay's sponsoring instrument companies (Conn-Selmer/Vandoren and Edwards trumpets) will sometimes help out financially.

KR clinic1

Photo by Lynda Durant